Reciprocal Borrowing

What is reciprocal borrowing?

With reciprocal borrowing now in place, you can access the collections from seven of our neighbouring libraries at NO COST.

What can I borrow as a non-resident through reciprocal borrowing?

Can Borrow

• Books
• Movies
• Audiobooks


• Attend programs
• Access digital resources

Can't Borrow

• Hotspots
• Launchpads
• Tablets
• Wonderbooks
• Inter-library loans

As a WBPL cardholder items available to borrow from partner libraries will vary between libraries. You can contact our partner libraries to learn more about what you are able to access at their locations through reciprocal borrowing.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

As long as you have an active library membership in good standing at one of the participating libraries you are eligible.

Want a card from another library?

Follow these three simple steps…

Bring your library card from your ‘home library’ to the partner branch you’d like to borrow from.

Bring identification to confirm your address.

Staff will check that your account is in good standing at your home library and get you all set up.

Participating Libraries